This Self-Defence Move Can Help You Get Out Of A Choke Hold

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Life

In self-defence, intuition is usually your most powerful weapon. If a situation has you feeling uncomfortable or someone gives you the creeps, that’s your gut telling you to get out of there. And you should. No matter how many feelings you might hurt in the process. But when it’s already too late and your back is against the wall? Use this advice from Etienne Ferreira, owner and trainer at Krava Maga school, Truekrav.

1/ Move fast.

If an attacker is holding onto you, he doesn’t want you to get away and that spells bad intentions. If he’s choking you, you’ll have a couple minutes before you pass out. In either scenario, you need to move immediately. Be explosive and deliberate so you take him by surprise. If he’s attacking you, he doesn’t see you as a threat – use this to your advantage.

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2/ Restrict the attacker’s limbs.

You don’t want this guy to be able to fight back. So clamp his arms securely with one arm while you simultaneously hit him with the other.

Watch the video…


3/ Hit hard.

Use your elbow – if you don’t have any fight training, it’s an easy way to deliver a hard, forceful strike without the danger of breaking your hand or wrist, like with a punch.

4/ Grab his head and hold on.

If he had you at close range, you can follow up your elbow strike by grabbing the attacker’s head and clamping it close. Holding onto the head is a way to control someone who’s bigger and stronger than you because the neck is weaker than the limbs. Holding him close will  prevent him from pulling back to hit back at you. Clamping his head will also disorientate him.

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5/ Hurt him.

Remember, this guy was trying to hurt you first, so this is no time to be nice. His groin will be exposed. Kick it, repeatedly, moving forward with every kick. Forcing him backwards will throw him off balance and help you put him on the ground. Finish off with more strikes and kicks to vulnerable areas. This will make him less likely to follow you when you run away.

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