13 Ways To Up Your Dose Of Self-Love This Valentine’s Day — And Every Day

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Life

A wise tweet once read: “How are you gonna love somebody else when you don’t know how to love yourself?” Here are our top picks of Valentine’s Day ideas that are all about… you.

Consider this a day to celebrate self-love and embrace your independence. A fine dose of self-care may be all you need this V-day.

1. Enjoy a self-love spa treatment

Indulge in the ultimate act of self-love with a luxurious spa treatment. Who says you have to book a fancy hotel to pamper yourself? Transform your own space into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a soothing bubble bath, apply a hydrating face mask and unwind with a calming meditation session. With a little creativity and self-care, you can turn any day into a blissful spa retreat, right in the comfort of your own home.

2. Host a (lingerie) party

Friendship love is seriously rewarding so celebrate it. Why not get your crew together and have yourselves an intimate pool-side throw-down? This works even better if you have single friends who share your enthusiasm for the holiday. Whatever your friendship culture, it all goes well with a braai and a dip in the pool. 

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3. Try a new recipe

If all else fails, order in. But make sure it’s something delicious and exclusive. Check out the UCOOK range for some culinary inspo. Cooking is a great way to get in touch with your creative side. And a fun, easy recipe beats chowing soggy noodles on a Friday night. You won’t regret it.

4. Picnic at home

Don’t want to risk seeing all the picnic spots crawling with lovers (let’s face it). Save yourself and your petrol money with a cute picnic indoors. Think: Sprawled on floor/lawn, cheese board at arm’s reach and a good page-turner to while the day/night away. 

5. Dare to book a dinner for one

Pick the most romantic restaurant setting you can think of to enjoy a fine meal and a glass of wine or bubbly. Then book it. For yourself. We dare you!

6. Check into a fancy hotel

Do yourself a huge favour and give yourself a night at a hotel near you. Room service can be a girl’s best friend, too… The point is to kick back, relax and enjoy all the worldly comforts of Egyptian cotton. If only for a night.

7. Put a smile on someone’s face

This Valentine’s Day, consider visiting an animal sanctuary or a local library and offer to spread some love. Volunteering at a charity lets us appreciate more of what we have instead of seeking out what we might be lacking. By putting a smile on someone else’s face, you are also filling your own cup of love and joy. Try something new and (dare I say it) selfless on your journey of self-love. 

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8. Plant a tree

If everyone who didn’t receive flowers this year, planted a tree instead, we could populate the TL with our gardening efforts. Pssst: Maybe your friends or family takes the hint and get you that gardening gear you’ve been needing. 

9. Stay-shopping

Kinda like a staycation, except shopping is the only occasion!

10. Any time is selfie-time

Take a day, stay home, get your face and nails done and then… pull a face, strike a pose. Who knows? A potential bae could be lurking all over your Insta Story and going “SBWL”. Don’t sleep on yourself just because everybody else seems boo’d up. Your time to shine is now, even if you’re doing it solo. The fact is, you look good doing it!

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11. Take a recovery day

Give yourself an active day outdoors. Some outdoor yoga, an easy jog, or a lekker swim can have a positive impact on your mental health.

12. Yay or nay, fun either way

So maybe you and your boo aren’t quite an official couple, but this shouldn’t bog you down. After all, at least one of you is not yet ready for a proper relationship (no judgment here). By all means, take as much time as you need before committing fully. However, this doesn’t mean the love isn’t all there, does it? You can still call your Mr/Ms. Right Now over for a lovely meal, some wine and a little funny business if you like.

Or you can treat yourself to some alone time and have a little fun with an amazing selection of toys. Trust us, you need to try these.

13. Stock take this Valentine’s Day

Take this time to reflect meaningfully on all the things you love. As a gift, write yourself a letter and pen letters to your loved ones. You may hesitate, but kind words are always worth sharing.  You might be single, but you’re not alone.

Self-love is all the rage and we all deserve it. It’s a great time to celebrate being single and be surrounded by family or ride solo, with hordes of online shopping in my cart, a night in lounging on my couch enjoining another viewing of V For Vendetta. If you are like me, I wish you much love this V-Day.

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