4 Ways To Slow Right Down For Softer, More Sensual Sex

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Sex

The truth is that men enjoy foreplay as much as women…

There’s nothing better than hitting all your highest points, but before he soars to seismic levels, slow down and show him how to have softer sex.

Connect the Dots

As in all of the erogenous zones throughout his body. There’s a whole geography of arousal out there, all connected by a sea of sensitive nerve endings. Don’t limit yourself to just his penis; instead, hit a variety of sex zones – his nipples, earlobes, or perenium (the sensitive area between the base of his testicles and his anus) – and light him up like a power grid.

Hit His Plateau

Male sexual response consists of four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and refractory (when he rolls over afterwards). Most guys take the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet approach and crash through to orgasm, missing out on all of the pleasures that come earlier in the plot – particularly the plateau just before orgasm.

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Turn your Superman into Multiple Man: Stimulate him orally or manually, count to 10, then stop. Now squeeze the head of his penis for five seconds. This forces the blood back down and delays orgasm. You’ll help him enjoy the sensations of orgasm without him actually ejaculating.

Send Him Shopping

The truth is that men enjoy foreplay as much as women. But it should be more than just French kissing and a little heavy petting. Spark your imagination, create a sense of anticipation and take your foreplay out of the bedroom. Send him out shopping for lingerie or, better yet, a sex toy. Call him in the middle of the day and tell him to come home with the accessory of his choice. Expect him home early.

Take Charge

Men get tired of always taking the lead, having to know it all, and worrying about their performance. Sometimes, they just want to let go and submit to pleasure. Being dominated is a major male fantasy.

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Try this stealth dominatrix sex position: Sit cross-legged on the bed while he faces you sitting on top — his legs wrapped around you and his butt firmly nestled between your legs. With his butt elevated and his back arched, he’s in a submissive position, and you’re in control. Use your hands to keep him in place.

Six ways to hit the ‘refresh’ button on your foreplay game. Plus: The 3 biggest turn-ons for straight women, according to an arousal expert.

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