28 Insanely Hot Moves That Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Sex

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XXX-rated tips coming up…

Could your sex life do with an upgrade? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the longest list of kinky things to do and fun games to play so you never feel bored in the sack again. Ever.

1. Watch Porn

A 2011 study found that couples who watched porn together reported a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

2. Press On Your Ovaries

When he’s going down on you, have him apply consistent pressure on either side of your navel – it can enhance orgasm, says Emily Dubberly, co-author of The Going Down Guide.

3. Fire Up Your Orgasms

Hit a cocktail bar in 10cm-high heels. Stilettos have been found to work the muscles linked to orgasm. Foreplay over Martinis. Nice.

4. Be A Naughty Naughty Girl…

… And let him spank you. Believe it or not, it can actually increase your bond as a couple, say US researchers, and women get a jolt of libido-boosting testosterone when they’re on the receiving end.

5. Go Ride A Roller Coaster

Get risky to feel frisky. “There are few things that prime the brain for sexual excitement like an adrenaline-pumping risk,” says sexpert Dr Elna Rudolph. “There’s a fine line between danger and excitement, and your brain can use this to boost libido.”

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6. Get Cold Comfort

Frequent self-love is linked to higher self-esteem and a better body image. Give it an upgrade with a glass vibrator – they transfer heat well, so pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes for extra fun.

7. Get The Thumbs Up

Bear with us here… Ask him to slip his index finger into you, then press his thumb against your frenulum (the area just below the clitoral hood) and massage. Next, get him to rotate his thumb to the six o’clock position to touch your perineum. It’s a whole lot of fun.

8. Bag It

Stay safe and satisfied. A Women’s Health sex survey found that not enough of you use a condom every time. And with summer comes cocktails, late nights… and risky business. Keep condoms in your clutch so you’re good to go.

9. Go V For Victory

Have your partner put two fingers into your vagina and open them into a V shape. “Making a ‘come here’ motion stimulates the roots of your clitoris and brings on different sensations,” says Jaiya, co-author of Red Hot Touch. There’s a win.

10. Roll With It

For a different kind of hand job, put your palms on either side of his penis and use a rolling motion, as if you were rubbing sticks to start a fire. Begin at the bottom and slide up, increasing the speed as he nears climax.

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11. Get A Buzz

Liven up a dull social engagement with a remote-controlled vibrator. Control the intensity based on how mind-numbing that golden wedding anniversary gets…

12. Feed A Watermelon…

… To your partner. It boosts levels of arginine, which translates to healthier erections in men, according to the University of Hawaii.

13. Sex up Skype

Use your next Web-enabled booty call to step out of your comfort zone – dress up or role-play, says sex educator Lou Paget.

14. Lick An Ice Cream

According to the US Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation, vanilla can increase penile blood flow. And have one yourself: “Sugar releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone that plays a big role in sexual excitement (and gives you a burst of energy for what’s to come),” says Rudolph. Yum.

15. Schedule Face Time

Facial skin is incredibly sensitive, so “exploring and caressing your lover’s face is intimate and erotic,” says Rudolph. Use fingers, lips or tongue.

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16. Visit Tahiti…

… Even if you’re still at home in Krugersdorp. The Tahitian method is a new take on oral sex. He lies perpendicular to your body and moves his tongue back and forth over the hood of your clitoris, stimulating both sides of it.

17. Speak Foreign

When you’re giving him oral sex, try the French press: press your tongue upwards and occasionally swallow. This gives added pressure and suction to take him over the edge, says Dr Sonia Borg, author of Marathon Sex.

18. Go For A Babymaking Breakfast

Boost your fertility by ordering baked beans for two. They’re a good source of folate, which you need for a healthy baby – and men short on this B vitamin have 20 percent more unhealthy sperm than those with higher levels, according to research in the journal Human Reproduction. So now you know.

19. Stroke Him In All The Right Places

A Men’s Health survey found two of men’s top erogenous zones are, well, surprising: his ears and perineum (the area between his testes and anus). Lightly massage the rim of his ear between your thumb and forefinger – it’s more sensitive than the fleshy lobe. And give him shivers by running your silky underwear between his legs.

20. Have A Foursome

As in, go on a double date. Couples who had deep talks with other pairs felt more closely connected to their own partners, found a study in the journal Personal Relationships.

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21. Hit A Sushi Bar

Salmon prolongs arousal as it’s high in arginine, the amino acid the body uses to create nitric oxide,” says dietician Dr Sarah Schenker. “The more NO in the body, the firmer the male organ and the more lubricated the woman’s organs.” Have edamame on the side – the soya beans contain phytoestrogens, which also help to lubricate the vagina.

22. Use Double Digits

A nifty masturbation upgrade: form a V with your index and middle fingers and slide them over your outer labia. As you draw your fingers up and down, you’ll stimulate your clitoris too, says sex expert Tracey Cox, author of Supersex.

23. Try Futon Sex

“Stepping tiger” elevates classic doggy-style. Kneel on the edge of a futon and lean forward with your hands on the floor. Your partner can then enter you at an angle that better targets your G-spot, says sex writer Karinna Kittles-Karsten.

24. Tickle Each Other

Blindfold each other and tap into your body’s biggest sex organ – your skin – by touching each other with the lightest of touches you can bear, suggests Paget. Use your ring finger – it has the lightest touch.

27. Mirror Him

Feeling comfortable together is the most important factor on a first date, says new research. For instant comfort, mirror his body language.

28. Go Camping!

Stick these in your rucksack to get your rocks off:

Take turns passing the torch back and forth; whatever body part you shine it on must be touched, stroked, nibbled or licked for two minutes.

Spare T-shirt
Forget the blindfold and cover his eyes with the tee you were wearing. “Your natural scent is a big aphrodisiac,” says Sharon Moalem, author of How Sex Works.

Cold feet can get in the way of your peak. Seriously. Orgasms jumped by 30 percent in men and women who were comfortable during sex, according to a Dutch study.

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