Exactly How To Make A Sex Tape, From Those Who Know

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Sex & Love

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The process is a MAJOR turn-on…

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to get steamy on camera. Here’s how to make sure your version is tasteful, sexy and, above all, fun… Orgasms guaranteed.

You’ve never thought of yourself as an exhibitionist… Unless, of course, you’re one of the 39 percent of WH readers who confessed to having filmed their intimate activities in one of our sex surveys. We know what you’re thinking: Make a sex tape? No way! But a little homespun erotica can really spice things up.

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According to sex and relationship advisor Dr Elna Rudolph, making a sex tape is a kind of role play: you both become actors in a scene, which means you can stretch your imagination (and yourself) to new levels. In addition, many people find the voyeuristic aspect extremely exciting, while others enjoy watching real people having sex, rather than watching porn. “This is due to your sexual arousal template, which is built into your brain during childhood,” says Rudolph. “It causes chemical reactions in your brain that heighten sexual experiences.”

Want to get started? “Don’t expect it to look like the real thing; just enjoy the process,” advises Rudolph. Get ready to hit “record”!

Lighten Up

If you’ve ever watched snippets from One Night In Paris, the sex tape that made Paris Hilton infamous, you’ll know how unflattering the infrared night mode is: a strange green/grey hue, werewolf-looking eyes and an unnatural skin tone. So even if you’re not a fan of having the lights on when you’re getting off, this is one time the dimmer switch or bedside lamp is a must. Just stay away from harsh overhead lighting – rather add a Chinese lantern to cast pretty shadows. Prefer a more romantic setting? Light a few candles to add to the mood.

A View To Thrill

Even if you’re looking your hottest, if you place your camera at the bottom of the bed, chances are you’ll have an all-access view of your jiggling butts. Instead, position the camera to the side of your bed – that way, you’ll capture the up-down, side-to-side and ins-and-outs of your lovemaking. Place your camera on a stable surface (unless you prefer him filming you) or even better, use a tripod.

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Using props? Ensure your chair/feathers/petals/whip can be seen, but that they don’t obstruct the view – you’re what’s important, after all.

Record Your Love

In the age of the smartphone, it’s super-easy to start filming. But if you’re looking for something more professional, a video camera is the way to go. WH’s tech guru Neil Gardiner suggests you forgo your grainy old webcam: “Unless your PC is actually in the bed with you, it will be too far away to get good shots.”

The Final Cut

Only want to keep a record of the good bits (and cut that 10-minute post-sex snooze)? If you’re strapped for cash (or using your phone or tablet), opt for iMovie (Apple) or AndroMedia (Android).

Turn Up That Tune

No one wants to hear oohs, aahs and animal grunts when watching a sex scene – especially your own. It’s just not sexy. So pick a hot soundtrack to match our moves. A good rule of thumb is not to choose mainstream songs that you (or your partner) are likely to have other memories of – new or old. You don’t want your guy to be watching your sex tape while thinking of the times he danced to the track with his ex. Anything referencing a “Big Booty Ho” should be binned too.

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Once you’ve picked your tune, why not play it while you’re actually making the video? “It will make you feel more at ease, and you’ll likely work to the rhythm of the song, making the editing process so much easier,” says multimedia journalist Romy Wilson.

Sit Back And Rewind

Satisfied you’ve got the final product? Watch it with your partner. Whether you just land up giggling, or make it back to the bedroom for round two, you’re guaranteed to remember the moment. Just be careful what you do with it afterwards… Although websites like MakeLoveNotPorn.tv exist (you upload your video and get paid each time someone views it), we advise you not to put it anywhere on the Internet. Ever. These things have a habit of popping up at the worst times – say, when your new boss does a Google search on you. Keep it in a safe place, preferably far from inquisitive friends, or at least ensure it’s password-locked on your computer.

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