You Have To Try This Tasty Summer Leafless Salad

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Recipes

By Michelle October

Who said you need leaves?!

Over the years salads have included a whole bunch of leafy greens topped with salad dressing. This salad is turning that idea on it’s head. No salad dressing? No problem! Make this juicy-sweet leafless salad, which uses the natural sugars in nectarines for flavour. Did we mention it takes five minutes to make? Perfect for the super busy working woman who’s still trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Summer Leafless Salad


– 1 nectarine
– 1 handful sunflower and pumpkin seeds, respectively
– Half a can of chickpeas
– Half an avocado, chopped
– Cucumber, diced
– 5 cherry tomatoes, sliced halfway
– Juice from half a lemon
– Honey for drizzling
– Salt and pepper to season

1/ Chop up all the ingredients and pile them into a bowl or plate.
2/ Drizzle over lemon and honey and toss to mix.
3/ Grind over salt and pepper to taste and serve.

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