Actress Temi Otedola On Why She Prefers A Simple Wellness Routine

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Wellness

At first glance, Temi Otedola (the newly announced L’oreal Paris Digital Brand Ambassador for sub-Saharan Africa) gives off the vibe of someone who doesn’t skimp on self-care. Always styled elegantly for a 28-year-old, and a fan of a clean make-up look that still allows her skin to breathe, it’s no wonder the Nigeria-based actress is one of Africa’s most loved personalities.

Naturally, Temi is honoured to be L’Oreal Paris‘ first digital brand ambassador, a role that will see her face plastered on the brand’s digital, and some in-store campaigns, across Africa.

“My job is to spread the L’Oreal Paris message across Africa digitally, as that is the new frontier,” she beams. She adds: “I hope to be the first of many incredible African women in this role, and not just from Nigeria. L’Oreal Paris is a brand with a very rich legacy, but it’s still new to our space. Not new in terms of products, but awareness. I look forward to sharing about the science-based research that they do on their products and melanated skin, specifically,” shares Temi, who also adds that she can’t wait to remind women that ‘they are worth it’, per the powerful L’Oreal Paris slogan.

In addition, through this role, Temi hopes to leave behind a legacy of having reminded young women that there is no universal beauty standard – and that comfort with self, and confidence, trump everything else. Below, Temi shares some of the wellness practices that help her step out into the world fully radiant (and with an assured bounce in her step).

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Skincare routine that I swear by

“To be honest, I’m very simple with my skincare. So long as my skin is hydrated and I’m wearing sunscreen, that’s really where it stops and ends. Where skin is concerned, I do think that less is more. I love using  hyaluronic acid  but I think the more things we use on our skin, the more irritated it becomes.”

Extra love for my skin 

“I love a facial once a month. Like I said, hydration is my top priority. But, I also always say that it doesn’t matter how many skincare products you use, if you don’t drink water or sleep enough, it’s all pointless really! I know it’s clichéd, but self-care is more important a lot of the time. I’m on a plane every few days so if I don’t back it up with sleep, my skincare routine will be pointless.”  

Sleep catch-ups

“If you give me the time, I could sleep up to 14 hours – I am that person [chuckles]! Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that. I can’t nap, although I wish I was able to. Let’s say I have the odd one day off and I know the next three weeks are going to be crazy, I will happily sleep for 14 hours [chuckles]. This relationship with sleep runs in my family. My 92-year-old grandmother wakes up at 5am daily, goes to her farm and she’s in bed by 8pm. I hope to be like that at her age!”

Favourite way to stay fit 

“Yoga is my favourite thing ever! During the pandemic when we couldn’t go to the gym, I got into yoga classes on YouTube. I love YouTube because you can get anything you need – and it’s free. I enjoy walking as well, it’s the best way to experience a new city, especially when I’m travelling.”

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Favourite way to nourish my body

“So, I have this amazing smoothie that I love to make in the morning. It has flax seeds, chia seeds, frozen berries, spirulina powder, almond butter and a few other good things. I just throw everything in because I can just sip on it while I’m on the move all morning. I also love taking green juice, as well as fresh ginger and lemon. With all the travelling that I do, if I don’t do this daily, I will fall ill at some point. I think it’s so important to give yourself these little boosts throughout the day, be it a ginger or turmeric shot, because they help boost your immune system.

I was vegetarian for six years and that’s very rare in Nigeria [chuckles]. I was one of five out of a population of two hundred million. I found myself hopping on and off the vegetarian diet. Having seafood now and again is also good for my iron. I think it’s important to always listen to our bodies at all times.”

My best way to stay focused

“Let’s say I’m on a movie set, and call time is 4am and I know that I’m going to be there until midnight, it’s actually best to put my phone away and be as present as possible. The issue with our phones is that we can be in twenty different places at once – almost like you’re teleporting yourself. You could see one message or email that could change your entire mood for the day. I only touch my phone when I feel grounded in my day. When we were shooting with L’Oreal Paris, for instance, I tried to take in as much of the present moments as possible. Our phones are a great communication tool, but they can also be very addictive and disruptive.”

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Best way to de-stress

“I love all things aromatherapy, something I inherited from my mother. I always have incense or candles burning in my room. Amazon has these eucalyptus shower steamers which I love using after a long day. They help take weight off me.”

Best way to hone confidence

“Confidence and beauty are what’s underneath the skin, they’re not surface level. In the past, I’ve been very honest about my insecurities and my own journey with beauty – and how in the end, I actually decided that I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I’m only trying to be the best version of Temi. You want to try be the best version of yourself at any given time, it’s never about aspiring to be like anyone else.

Social media has made made people feel like their lives are not enough. When in fact, we should be inspiring and encouraging each other, and constantly reminding ourselves that who we are is enough.”

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