The Beginners Guide To Double Cleansing

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Skincare

How well do you clean your face? And I don’t mean wiping your face down with a wet wipe or cotton pad soaked with micellar water while watching Love Island. While a good ol’ wet wipe or micellar water is convenient, it’s not always the best at getting rid of all your makeup.  Throughout the day, pollution and airborne bacteria are attracted to your skin, so in order to prevent breakouts and premature ageing, you need to make sure that you’re washing your face correctly. Enter double cleansing, a method brought to us by the country of skincare: Korea.

What is a double cleanse and how do I do it?

Double cleanse is exactly what it sounds like — cleaning your face twice. Your first cleanser is usually oil-based. This could be a cleansing oil, balm or micellar water to break down makeup, SPF and sebum on the surface level on the skin. Simply, scoop/pump your oil cleanser then apply to dry skin in a circular motion. Then add water to your face and massage into skin to emulsify the product, it should turn milky. Lastly, rinse with warm water.

Your next step is to then follow up with a water-based or cream cleanser, this gets deeper into your pores to remove sweat, bacteria and impurities. After the oil cleanser is thoroughly rinsed off, add cleanser to your face, with gentle upward circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about drying your skin out with double-cleansing. Oil-based cleansers don’t strip your skin of lipids and ceramides, which are essential for healthy balanced skin. And if you’re using a cleanser that is suited for your skin type, it’s shouldn’t strip moisture either.

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How to double cleanse if you have…

Oily skin

Lathering your skin when you have oily skin seems like a greasy disaster but you’re in for a surprise. Instead of adding to the oil, oil-based cleansers could actually help balance the amount of oil your skin producers. By using oil-based products, you can effectively dissolve sebum, remove any excess oil and makeup without drying your skin.

This cleanser is lightweight and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores or irritate your skin.

Huxley Cleansing Oil

A deep cleansing foam made with Amazonian white clay (kaolin), hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and citrus herb oils. Kaolin purifies skin by drawing out the dirt and oils trapped in pores, while coconut oil hydrates and conditions the skin.

HEIMISH All Clean White Clay Foam

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Dry skin

When your skin is in need of some H2O, how you wash your face can make all the difference. You want to cleansers that won’t strip oil from the skin but rather adds moisture from the first wash.

A gentle oil-based facial cleanser that effectively removes make-up and build-up to leave skin properly clean, soft and glowing.

Lulu & Marula Balancing Cleansing Balm

This unique foaming cleanser contains real fermented cranberries and cranberry fruit water, which contain powerful antioxidants to prevent signs of premature aging and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

NEOGEN Cranberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

Sensitive skin

Finding skincare for sensitive skin can be tricky but luckily, K-beauty basically caters to skin that is easily irritated. These products will effectively clean your skin while leaving it calm and nourished.

Containing natural papaya extract and vitamin C that gently exfoliate and brighten as it cleans, this cleanser is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.


Filled with ingredients to combat anything from acne to dryness, this foam cleanser won’t leave your skin dry or tight thanks to hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf extract. If you have acne-prone skin, you’ll love the tea tree leaf oil that fights breakouts and helps you achieve clearer skin.

KLAIRS Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

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Combination skin

You’re oily in some areas, dry in others, so balance is what you’re after. The key is to have a nourishing and cleansing first cleanse which is then followed up by hydrating and refreshing foam cleanser.

The formula contains a trio of naturally derived oils — safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and macadamia seed oil — that in addition to cleansing pores and removing stubborn makeup and sunscreen, soothe and heal dry, cracked skin.

Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Devine Pearl Cleansing Oil

The star ingredient in this cleanser is fermented green tea extract, which brightens, calms, and hydrates skin. The gentle foam effectively removes impurities such as sweat and dirt from the skin without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

NEOGEN Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

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