The Fitbit Versa Lite Is On Special For At Sportsmans Warehouse Right Now

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Fitness

  • The Fitbit Versa is on special at Sportsmans Warehouse right now for R400 off.
  • Typically R3 199.90, you can get it for R2 799.90 during this special.
  • The Fitbit Versa Lite tracks your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and so much more.

Can’t get enough of your Fitbit? You’re not alone.

Whether you want to take your workout at the gym to the next level, are training for a big race, or simply want to see how many steps you can clock in each day, a fitness tracker is a great way to keep tabs on your overall wellness. And if you can find a model you like at an affordable price? All the better.

Fitbit Versa Lite

Don’t be fooled by the large square screen and silicone strap: The Versa Lite might look like Apple’s popular smartwatch, but it puts fitness at the forefront. In addition to recording steps, calories burned, and heart rate, this model boasts a SmartTrack system, which allows you to automatically track specific types of workouts and sports. (Finally, a fail-safe way to track your vinyasa flow!). It also has an impressive battery life of 4+ days on standby.

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Fitbit knows that there’s more to wellness than your workouts, and has offered easy ways to keep tabs on your health off the court, too. Not only does the Versa track your sleep cycle, but you can also log periods and symptoms.

Like most fitness trackers, the Versa Lite will send notifications when you receive calls, emails, and texts, so you won’t have to feel completely off the grid. While the Versa usually costs R3 199.90, you can currently pick up this option forR2 799.90.

Admittedly, there are plenty of great deals on fitness trackers but if you’re looking for one that can do it all, the Versa model is worth adding to your cart.

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