Revealed: This Is The Place Most Guys Want To Get It On

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Sex & Love

By Jamie Hergenrader

The beach, his office, perhaps the kitchen counter? These are all places you might imagine topping a guy’s list of fantasy sex locations. But guess what? Turns out the place most guys want to get it on is none of the above. (Drum roll, please.) It’s actually the shower! Yup, bumping and grinding in a steamy shower while water streams down your naked bodies tops the list of sex locations for most guys. And, actually, when you put it that way, it does sound kinda hot!

Clean Up The Act

According to a new survey by Trojan, 73 percent of dudes want to do the dirty while getting clean. As hot as getting drunk in love on the kitchen floor sounds, more than half of people surveyed said that getting down where you eat is way less sexy than doing it under water. On top of that, 62 percent said they’d rather have shower nooky than join the mile high club.

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Add Some Fun

Honestly, the dudes’ shower sex obsession makes sense. You’ve gotta shower anyway, so why not make the task a little (or a lot) more exciting? Obviously, the people who’ve done it agree that splish, splashin’ during the act is where it’s at: Eighty-one percent of people who have had shower nooky want to do it again. Yeah, they do!

In Your Dreams

Finally, because it wouldn’t be a proper sexual survey without a question on celebrity fantasies, researchers found that the most popular celebs to have a shower fantasy about are Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence. But why limit your Channing Tatum (or J. Law) fantasy to the bathroom? Wink.

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