10 South African TikTok Fitness Accounts That’ll Give You ALL The Motivation You Need

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Entertainment

Social media is a great place to find expert advice, fitness inspiration and exercise routines all at the tips of your fingers β€” and TikTok is no exception. Many fitness influences have taken to the land of catchy dances, lipsyncs and comedy skits, to show you that fitness and healthy eating can be fun too!

So, if you’re looking for trainers and fitness influences to follow, look no further than these TikTok fitness accounts that will provide you with the fitness motivation you’d ever need.

Our Healthy Lifestyle

Two local besties share delicious and healthy recipes for any time of the day. They have some great lunch ideas so that you don’t get tempted by that fast-food drive-through.

Bongiwe Bee Pinana

Got a gym contract but not sure what exactly you should be doing? Well, allow personal trainer Bongiwe to show you the ropes. Her workouts are tough but oh-so rewarding.


The violence, i wont lie i saw my life here , even my form got shakyπŸ˜‚ calling out all beasts try it out and tag me 😎 , equipment: @BeFit

♬ Attack On Titan – Main Theme – Geek Music

Women’s Health

That’s right, WH has their very own TikTok page where you can find fun fitness challenges, workouts, behind-the-scenes and everything in between!


Ready to make gains? πŸš€ This strength training circuit from Alida Hendrikz is perfect for anyone looking to build serious muscle and boost their overall fitness. Head to our bio for the full routine and get ready to crush your goals! πŸ’ͺ #WomensHealth #WHGameOn #Workout #Fitness #FitFamΒ 

♬ Now Look at This – Dramatello

Nomvula Khuzwayo

Heard of Nomvula? The trainer is a beast in the gym and consistently posts workouts, from the easy to the hard. She’s also not afraid of dishing out hard-to-hear advice, like the benefits of lifting weights.

Abbi McDuling

Even while pregnant, Abbi kicks serious butt. Handstands? No problem. Deadlifts? Easy. Follow her journey as she trains her way to fitness and longevity with grace, motivation and style.

Bazini Ngcongo

Looking for workout ideas? Bazini’s your girl, for core work, leg day and beyond. She also takes you into her morning routine, including easy-to-make healthy meals.

The Yogi Paige

Feel like you’ve come to a dead end with your yoga and hit a wall? Let Paige inspire you to keep at your practice. Her page is full of yoga, along with meaningful thoughts and. ideas you can take to the mat.


Under Armour Athlete Semmi takes you to gym with her, from running to strength-training workouts. Need a dose of inspo? She’s your girl. Healthy eating tips? Try Semmi. Need gym-style inspo? Look no further!

Fitness Girl ZA

We’ve loved Fitness Girl Tracey-Lee Lusty for a while and even covered her bariatric journey here. But her approach to wellness and body positivity continues to be inspiring in pushing the needle forward. Follow for buckets of positivity and healthy eating and wellness tips.

Queen Fitnass

Literally, no round-up of fitness influencers is complete without the queen of fitness herself, Mapule Ndhlovu. She’s real, she holds no punches and she works hard. She is the ultimate fitspo.


I’m frequently asked how I’m able to stay motivated and do what I do. In this podcast I unpack my answers to those questions and let you into my world… The magic is in the Consistency πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Please check out @wisdomwellness_ for full conversation πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

♬ original sound – Queenfitnass

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