Are ‘Unicorn Noodles’ The Next Big Instagram Food Trend?

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Food & Nutrition

Picture-perfect, delicious and surprisingly healthy. 

Move over mermaid toast, because there’s a new food trend that’s about to takeover your Instagram feed. Indigo Kitchen food blogger A.J. loves playing with his food and was inspired by — you guessed it — mermaid toast to create these colourful, ombre noodle bowls. Bonus: these unicorn noodle creations are actually surprisingly healthy. The bright hues are the result of a little chemistry (yes, no food colouring is involved!), and you can indeed sub in gluten-free noodles is that’s your thing. He even shared his recipe on his Instagram, so you can create your very own unicorn noodle bowl.

The unicorn food trend has taken the food scene by storm and it’s popularity is set to continue. We’ve seen everything from rainbow bagels to lattes, but glass noodles are definitely a healthier, colour-crazy option.  And while at first it might look like a complicated dish to make,  A.J. assures his readers that “this is so simple that I almost feel ashamed making a post on it.” bring. It. On.

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So, just how does he create all those colours if there’s no food colouring involved? He uses purple cabbage to create a deep violet base that the glass noodles soak in. The rest is pure colour-changing magic AKA science. To turn the purple noodles pink and blue, all he does is simply squeeze a little lime or lemon onto the noodles. Yes, that’s all.

Check these snaps from A.J. and fellow food blogger The Sunkissed Kitchen:

I hope you like flowers because I’m feeling a bit extra ??‍♂ Heck it’s a spring thing! : This is not your regular rainbowl, this bowl is packed with umami. The noodles are gently placed on a very savory veggie/miso broth w/ some seaweed and I added some additional veggies and crisp and garlicky dry fried tofu. : I want to say a big thank you to @teenvogue @popsugar & @glamourmag for featuring my blog and the unicorn noodles on their websites! I’m stoked to see them take of and being recreated by so many of you. The world can use some extra magic?☁️ : Now what are your favorite flowers? I’ll be growing as many flowers as possible this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of my hay fever before they start blooming, lol ?. Enjoy your days, I’m going back outside because the weather is on point!?. : One Love ?

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So, are you ready to give them a go? Let us know by tagging us in your snaps. Now go forth and create some colourful magic!

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