All The Vegan Kits, Meals And Guides To Help You Go Vegan

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Nutrition

These genius boxes, guides and meals take the guesswork out of going vegan and deliver delicious, nutritious meal ideas that’ll keep you going from Veganuary into infinity. Being vegan has seriously never been *this* easy.

vegan kits proveg app

ProVeg Vegan App

Wanting to go vegan? Try signing up for the ProVeg Veggie Challenge for one month. With their app, you can access easy-to-make recipes that’ll make your transition so much smoother.

vegan kits

The Deli Basic Vegan box, R450

Stock up on the essentials with this basic pantry box, containing the vegan Holy Grail: nutritional yeast, which mimics the flavour of cheese.

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vegan kits vegan cookbook

The South African Vegan Cookbook, R305

Eating oats every day? Mix things up with this essential cookbook, containing South African products in their recipes, no foreign or hard-to-find ingredients.

Plated Convenience 7-Day Starter Pack, R1183

If you’re wanting to eat plant-based but aren’t sure of meals (or are short on cooking time), simply try the Plated Convenience box, which comes with seven days of frozen meals you just need to pop out and heat. Zero brain cells necessary.

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vegan kits 21 day vegan package

Fit Food4U 21-Day Vegan Package, R1,319.88

Get meals for 21 days (that’s basically your entire vegan month). They’re all vegan and nutritious, so you can focus less on what to cook and more on how good it feels to be vegan.

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UCook Veggie Meal Kits

Trying to cook more? Try these ready-to-go cooking kits, with everything you need to make smashing vegan meals. You’ll learn new recipes to try later on, too.

Dinnerbox Vegan Box, R945 for 10 meals

Another ready-to-heat-and-eat meal box that’s totally vegan! Plus, with every purchase, you get four free soups.

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