4 Things That’ll Hold You To Your Waning New Year’s Resolutions

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Life

Quick poll: hands up if you’re sticking to your new year’s resolutions and you’ve already lost 5 kilos, are meditating every morning, and are well on your way to acing your first race next month.

Thought so. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few nifty tools to keep you on the straight and narrow and ace those resolutions

You Want To… Write A Novel

You’re in love with JK Rowling and have always pictured a universe in your head burgeoning into a bestselling novel, Netflix series, complete with fanfiction made by beloved fans.

You Should Try… NowNovel

For an incredibly reasonable price, you get a coach to keep you to your resolutions, plus easy-to-use online prompts to help you map your story, from the initial idea to fleshing out complex plot points.

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You Want To… Try An Extreme Sport

Maybe you met someone at a braai once who swam to Robben Island. Or maybe you lost a bet and now your New Year’s Resolution is to do a crazy new race. We get it. Or maybe you’ve just always had a spirit of adventure.

You Should Try…Torpedo SwimRun

Swim-run is a relatively new sport gaining traction because it’s easier to access – no expensive equipment – plus it’s fun. Torpedo host a series of races in Cape Town, combining panoramic views with a bit of nature’s obstacle course for good measure. Staff writer Michelle October tried it and lived to tell the tale.

You Want To… Get More Done

They say we all have the same hours as Beyoncé. If you want to be that productive, you’ll need a little help with being organised.

You Should Try… Remente 

An app that lets you set goals (for everything from boosting productivity to losing weight), work towards it and gives you fun graphics and graphs with detailed feedback on how well you’ve done. It also comes with helpful articles and a mood tracker.

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You Want To… Quit Smoking

It’s March and you’re still aching for a smoke every time you’re out or feel stressed. It’s time to try something new.

You Should Try… Quit Genius

The app says it’s the one only scientifically proven to help you give up the butts for good. With guided sessions, helpful trackers (like how much cash you’ve saved) and trained coaches, you’ll feel supported and encouraged.

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