5 Sex Positions Perfect For When You REALLY Want To Watch

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Sex

Whether you want to see more of each other’s bodies as you’re getting down, or you’ve just got a thing about mirrors, these are the voyeur sex positions you really need to try. Trust us, the view is grrrrrreat… Plus, it amped up the excitement factor, makes you more explorative and increases mindfulness during the act. All-round, watching is great for your sex life! These voyeur sex positions do them all.

1. The Ballet Dancer

ballet dancer voyeur sex positions

How: Standing on one foot, face your S.O. and wrap your other leg around their waist while they help support you.

Benefit: This voyeur sex position allows for quality face time (or peeking in the mirror over their shoulder) and connecting.

Bonus: If you’re a Flexi Lexie, try putting the raised leg on their shoulder for even deeper penetration.

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2. Champagne Room

champagne room  voyeur sex positions

How: They sit and you sit on top of them, facing away.

Benefit: It helps you regulate the pace and intensity of their thrusts. Position a mirror in front of you for a sexy view.

Bonus: Try doing it on the stairs or the edge of the tub – or anywhere else, really.

3. Golden Arch

golden arch sex position

How: They sit with their legs straight and you sit on top of them with bent knees on top of their thighs and you both lean back.

Benefit: This gives you both nice views of each other’s full bodies. You’ll also have control over the depth, speed and angle of the thrusts. Just keep those arms nice and strong.

Bonus: Have them use their hand to rub your clitoris, or use your own. Lean back farther for extra G-spot stimulation.

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4. Pinball Wizard

pinball wizard

How: You get into a partial bridge position, with your weight resting on your shoulders. They enter you from a kneeling position.

Benefit: It allows them easy access to stimulate your clitoris and massage the mons pubis.

Bonus: Throw one leg up against their shoulder for deeper penetration.

5. The Chairman

the chairman

How: They sit on the edge of the bed and you sit on them, facing away.

Benefit: This voyeur sex position will hit the spot… as in your G-spot. Good for G-spot stimulation while you can use your hands to stimulate his scrotum or their perineum. And use that mirror again!

Bonus: Bring your knees closer to your chest, supporting your feet on the bed.

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