6 Really Good Reasons To Consider This Weight-Loss Programme

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Fitness, Weight Loss

0Spring has sprung and you know what that means: more sunshine… and more skin. Now, if you spent winter bundled up under a blanket comfort eating, you might be dreading baring it all. But what if we told you that in just 12 weeks you could shed the winter flab and look summer fab? Enter Adventure Boot Camp’s new Journey To Summer programme.

Adventure Boot Camp is an outdoor fitness programme designed specifically for women. Classes take place from Monday to Friday across South Africa, and include exercises to challenge, change and shape your body, no matter your fitness level or size.

Now, to help you look – and feel – your best by summer, they’ve launched a special 12-week #myjourneytosummer programme. You’ll get healthy, lose those unwanted kilos and meet amazing likeminded women. Convinced yet? Here are six more great reasons why you should sign up.

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1. It’s Super-Affordable

You won’t find any exorbitant gym fees here. For as little as R28 per day, you’ll get support (and encouragement obvs) from a qualified personal trainer. And… 12 bonus webinar sessions with a qualified dietician! For less than your daily latte (yup), this programme will equip you with the physical and nutritional knowledge to get you started (or push you further) on your health journey.

2. You Get Expert Nutritional Advice

Believe it or not, exercise is the easiest part about losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle – it’s eating that’s the tricky bit. And it can be especially difficult if you don’t know where to start. Included in your #myjourneytosummer programme, you score 12 weeks of nutritional advice from registered dietician Kim Hofmann. Once a week, Kim will be hosting webinars to help you with the nutritional side of your fitness and weight-loss journey. First session: how to build your own eating plan, aka how to set yourself up to win.

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3. You Score All The Benefits Of Being Outside

Forget the gloomy indoor gym and say hello to the bright summer sun! According to one study, exercising outdoor helps to increase your endurance and intensity during workouts. Oh hello! Plus, while you’re sweating it out, you’re soaking in your daily dose of vitamin D. Also, let’s be honest, running outside totally trumps running on the treadmill, any day.

4. Say Hi To Your New Fit Squad

When I did Adventure Boot Camp, one of my favourite things was the sense of community among the women. Having someone in your corner when you’re pushing through that final burpee or lap makes all the difference. And whether it’s the early mornings or after-work sessions, knowing that you’re not alone gets – and keeps – you motivated. Lasting friendships are made of this.

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5. You’ll Never Be Bored Again

Sick of the same ol’ boring gym routine? Don’t fret – every day is a different class. From high-intensity interval training to train-to-the-beat, these classes will keep you entertained, challenged and sweating.

6. It Doesn’t Matter How Fit (Or Unfit) You Are

Exercise can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. This won’t be one of those times. And if you’ve been doing the exercise thing for a while, you’ll find new ways to challenge yourself. Everyone is welcome, from complete newbies to serious fitsters.

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Ready To Transform Your Body – And Your Life?

Join women of all ages and fitness levels across SA as they take on the Adventure Boot Camp 12-Week #MYJOURNEYTOSUMMER programme. It’s cheap, flexible, includes access to a dietician for nutritional advice, and much more. Also, it starts on 24 September! Keen to give it a bash? Check out the Adventure Boot Camp website for details and to sign up – and let them know you heard about them from Women’s Health. You’re welcome.

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