8 Winter Workout Gear Essentials That Cost Under R500

by | May 24, 2018 | Fitness, Style

Nothing destroys fitness and weight-loss gains like the onset of winter. Even if you start out with good intentions, it’s hard to stick with the programme when everything form the thermometer on your car to the gloomy darkness is telling you to stay in bed. But the right gear will shield you from the elements and make the prospect of choosing fitness a lot less daunting. Start your winter winter wardrobe with these workout gear essentials.

1/ Ankle-length Tights

Fleece Lined Tight R349, Cotton Body
Cotton On BODY Fleece-lined tights
Tracksuit pants seem like a great idea until they start weighing you down in your workout. Instead, opt for long tights made from insulating or heat-generating fabric. These fleece-lined tights feel so cozy. Plus, we love the high waistband and snug fit.

2/Arm Warmers

Vivolicious Techfit UV Arm Sleeves R259, Zando
Vivolicious Arm Warmers
You know how, on race day, you need to be in your pen like an hour before the bloody start gun? Arm warmers will keep you from freezing while you wait. When you start running and warm up, simply roll them down and they turn into sweat bands.

3/ Yoga Mat

PVC Yoga Mat R200, Mr P Sport
Mr P Yoga Mat
When the weather is particularly icy and foul, no amount of willpower is going to get you to a run – or even a gym class. But a glorious, heated yoga studio? Now that’s inviting. Insider tip: You’re going to want your own mat. Those classes get seriously sweaty.

4/ Performance Beanie

Active Beanie R249, Salomon
Salomon Beanie
Your favourite fisherman’s knitted beanie was not made for running. You need breathable fabric that’s going to wick away sweat and prevent overheating. This microfleece beanie will keep you warm, not sweaty, and has reflective details.

5/ Buff

Vivolicious Abundance Performance Heady R199, Zando
Vivolicious Performance Heady
The ultimate winter workout accessory. Wear it as a scarf, a beanie or over your nose and mouth when it feels like they might freeze shut. It can even be a handkerchief in an emergency.

6/ Running Gloves

Civvio Running Glove R289, Zando
Civvio Running Gloves
If you’re heading out on a run, ditch your knitted or fleecy mittens. Instead get a pair of lightweight, snug-fitting fingered gloves made from breathable fabric. Ideally you’re also looking for fingertip pads that let you operate your smartphone, like these have.

7/ Long-Sleeve Top

Puma Performance Core-Run Long Sleeve T-Shirt R479, Zando
Puma Performance Core Run Long Sleeve Top
Ideal for stop-start outdoor workouts like Bootcamp or when you don’t feel like layering up with a jacket on your run. Look for light, breathable fabric like Puma’s dryCELL moisture-wicking technology.

8/ Headlamp

Black Diamond Astro Headlamp R399, Cape Union Mart
Black Diamond Astro Headlamp
Even if you’re not a trail runner, the pavement can be a treacherous minefield of tree roots, rubble and potholes. This will light your way and make you visible to cars. Be sure it has an adjustable, elasticated strap like this one, for a snug fit.

Three items worth a splurge (but still a bargain!)…

9/ Puffer Jacket

Long Puffer Jacket R799, Cotton On Body
Cotton On BODY Puffer Jacket
A puffer is the perfect one-piece outer layer to throw over your gym clothes. It’ll keep you toasty and doesn’t mind being stuffed in a locker. Look for a hood or high collar and extra length.

10/ Running Jacket

Cape Storm Women’s Helium Jacket R659, Sportsmans Warehouse
Cape Storm Women's Helium Jacket
This will be your friend on days when the wind seems to cut through to your bones. Make sure it’s lightweight with a high collar and cuffs at the wrists and waist for extra insulation. This jacket’s bright colour range will also keep you visible to motorists.

11/ High-Traction Shoes

Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoes R1 599, adidas
The one time you don’t want to be snoep is when it comes to footwear. If you’re sticking with your running programme through winter (niiice, gurrl!) make sure your shoes have soles that won’t slip in icy or wet conditions. These have grippy Continental rubber soles and added heel stability to prevent slippage.

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