Your May 2024 Sex Horoscope Is Here And You Can Expect A Romantic Transformation Ahead

by | May 3, 2024 | Sex

If you’ve been scouting for your cosy autumn fling or you’re looking to spice things up in your current relationship, May is here to bring that pre-winter warmth! This month is full of love and excitement, says Donna Page, an astrologer with a degree in counselling psychology.

Right now, the Sun is still in luxury-loving Taurus. This earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure—and, conveniently, this planet is also in Taurus. Translation: Now is a super potent time for relationships.

“This season is about what we love. The signs say, ‘I want more excitement, I want more love, I want more money, I want more beauty. I want more everything,’” says Page. Now is the time to indulge your fantasies through exciting dates, conversations and perhaps even some bedroom exploration.

There are some other astrological happenings to take note of this month, starting with Pluto, a planet of transformation. This planet is moving retrograde on the 2nd, marking a period of rebirth and transformation for the entire zodiac—in life and definitely in relationships, says Page. So, take stock of what you want and need from your partner(s) during this month.

There will also be a new moon in Taurus on the 7th, highlighting life’s small joys. The sun moves into fun-loving Gemini on the 20th, shortly followed by Venus, making for a social and expansive end of the month. Finally, the full moon in fiery Sagittarius only adds to this energy, bringing a party-like atmosphere to the signs on the 23rd.

What does all this mean for your sign, specifically? Keep reading to find out:


Aries zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: You’re feeling more fiery and assertive than ever this month, Aries. Harness this energy and use it to express what you want and need in your relationship. If you’ve been stewing over something that ticked you off or you need to communicate a boundary, May is an excellent time to do so. Your desires are clear to you; you just need to make them clear to your partner, as well. After you and bae have a good check-in, celebrate your hard work with a nice dinner at that restaurant you keep seeing on Instagram. Or, if you can swing it, schedule a weekend away, particularly around the full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius at the end of the month. Your bond is special and it’s worth putting in the extra work.

Single: Aries, if you’re tired of being single, it’s time to take action. Treat your dating life like you would your career aspirations: Be practical and make sure the people you’re dating are in alignment with the vision you have for the future. Also, don’t be afraid to be the initiator! There’s nothing wrong with going after what you want in all areas of your life. When the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you’ll be feeling extra social, making it a perfect time to meet someone new.


Taurus zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Taurus, you are in an era of rejuvenation. With Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, in your sign until the 23rd, your priority these days is intimate time spent relaxing with your bae. You’ll both be feeling the love as you bask in each other’s presence and truly slow down and enjoy the little things, like a new show on Netflix or a Pinterest recipe you finally perfected. This month is about connecting not only physically, emotionally and spiritually, but also over the small routines in your day. Find pockets of fun where you can and remember—life is meant to be enjoyed!

Single: If it feels like you’re being hit on everywhere, from the gym to Woolworths to your usual walking route, you can thank Venus for that. The planet of love and pleasure is in your sign until the 23rd, supercharging your sex appeal. You’ve been taking care of yourself and it’s obvious to everyone around you! This magnetic allure may attract interesting people into your orbit. Stay open, especially when the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, bringing with it a super-social energy.


Gemini zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: This month starts out easy-breezy for you and bae. It’s quite likely you’re doing a lot of Netflix and chilling. Enjoy this time together, tangled in the sheets and vibing on the couch with some takeout and your favourite shows. But keep in mind, this period isn’t just about rest! It’s also an important time to assess the dynamics in your relationship. Make sure you are feeling appreciated and loved in the way you need to be, Gemini, especially as you head into your birthday season on the 20th. Get any necessary conversations out of the way early in May so you can get your party on later!

Single: Before you start those birthday celebrations, Gem, make sure to check in with yourself. Enjoy a relaxing day where you indulge in your favourite desserts and shows. In your downtime, you may begin to fantasise about what life might be like with a plus one. Journal about what you’re looking for in a relationship before you make any moves. It’s important to slow down and get clear on what you want, because opportunities for romance are ahead, especially when your birthday season rolls around at the end of the month.


Cancer zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: You’re focused on your career and your public image right now, Cancer, but don’t forget to take care of your relationship. While it’s important to prioritise your growth and career goals, try bringing some of that energy home with you: plan some dates and do the things you love, whether it’s hitting a yoga class or happy hour. (Or maybe both?) By the end of May, the focus will shift to shared responsibilities in your relationship. Make sure things are balanced and you’re on the same page, and you’ll end May on a high note!

Single: You’re busy this month, Cancer, with a ton of social events on your calendar. While you’re out and about, just make sure to keep your budget in mind. Swiping your credit card may feel so easy once the drinks start flowing, but your financial goals are more important than buying the next round. Keep your eyes open around the new moon on the 7th, as the stars point to a potential fruitful meet-cute.

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Leo zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Things might be feeling a bit intense in your relationship right now, Leo. Instead of leaning into your fiery side, try to slow down and pay attention to what’s really happening. Listen to your partner and your own needs before reacting explosively to a dirty dish or stray towel. This will offer you new perspectives on your love life, and hopefully, provide some clarity on why things may be feeling rocky. This period of observation and listening will help right the ’ship, leading to smooth sailing by Gemini season. Then, prepare to be social with bae: Concerts, dinners and parties are ahead for the two of you!

Single: This month has you feeling contemplative. You might be thinking about past relationships, or even considering calling your ex. Before you click their contact, though, perhaps take a moment to think, journal, or call a friend. The energy of May is asking you to consider what went wrong with your past lovers so you can clear the way for the love you desire in the future. Understanding your patterns will help you grow and attract the right people. When Gemini season arrives on the 20th, you’ll have an influx of social invitations and, with them, possible romantic interests. With your new understanding of your goals, this month has the potential for a special connection!


Virgo zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: It’s time to get out of town, Virgo. You’re feeling the itch to travel, and if you can, you should. Scan for any last-minute flights for you and bae, or maybe just book a hotel nearby to shake things up a little bit, particularly around the new moon on the 7th. You’re craving the finer things in life, so splurge where you can on a swanky dinner or romantic night out. As the month progresses, you’ll be leaning into your homebody side and beautifying your space. With the fresh perspective of your getaway, you and your bae will feel recharged and refocused (and, importantly, connected) by the end of the month.

Single: Sometimes, you just need to book the flight, Virgo. If things have been feeling a bit blah lately, consider taking a solo retreat. If travel isn’t in the cards this May, try to just spend a night away in a relaxing environment where you can tune out the noise and really reconnect with yourself. After your period of reflection, you’ll feel more focused on who and what you desire in your love life. When you put in the work, you can expect results. So get out there, wear something that makes you feel like the hottie you are and enjoy autumn!


Libra zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: This month is all about balance, Libra. When in a relationship, you need to compromise, and that energy will be strong in May. Perhaps you and bae are living together and splitting domestic tasks or even beginning to blend finances. Whatever is happening with you, make sure to find a solution that works for you both. Finding harmony is key. The full moon in Sagittarius will keep these important discussions flowing as you begin to lay the plans for your future. Make sure both of you feel represented and this month will make your bond stronger than ever. If you can, celebrate by booking a fun winter escape!

Single: It feels like all of your friends have someone they want to set you up with. (Obviously. You’re adorable.) So this month, why not take them up on it? Allowing the people around you to give you a helping hand in the romantic department can be a great way to find yourself on a lot of fun dates this autumn. Throw on your favourite dress and get out there, Libra. You are charming by nature, and this month’s planetary placements are supercharging your charisma. It’s the perfect time to connect with new friends… and potentially, new romantic interests!


Scorpio zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: This month, you and bae are in lockstep: When you bring them home flowers, you might find they surprised you, too, by stocking the fridge with your favourite snacks. These days, you’re all about showering each other with love and appreciation and this will only strengthen your bond. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd asks you to assess the equality in your relationship. Does the effort feel even on both sides? If not, it’s time to speak up, Scorpio. Your partner will appreciate your directness, and likely meet you with love and solutions. Enjoy this time of realignment!

Single: Scorpio, you bring the sensual vibes wherever you go. This month, it’s time to use that to your advantage and find some dates. Whether you’re out for coffee or your daily walk, keep your eyes open for anyone you find interesting. It is quite possible your next big romance is literally around the corner. The full moon in Sagittarius represents equality in relationships, so if you’re talking to anyone interesting, assess the give and take. Are you constantly sending the first text and initiating plans? Perhaps talk to them about this, and if they aren’t willing to put in more effort, take your talents elsewhere. The potential for romance is all around you this month, Scorpio.


Sagittarius zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Sagittarius, you are busy AF. But don’t let your work take over your whole life. Finding balance is key, especially when you’re in a relationship. The new moon on the 7th has you leaning into the relaxation. Take time to just chill and slow down with your S.O. You’ll likely learn new things about them and deepen your bond even further. Whether you spend time chilling on the couch or collaborating on a new recipe, enjoy the little things together. It’ll make for an exciting and romantic autumn.

Single: Sag, you may find love in an unlikely place this month. Keep your eyes open as you move about your routine, because it’s possible a great connection has been right in front of you in line at Seattle Coffee Co. or a few mats down in your morning yoga class. A casual interaction could blossom into something exciting, particularly toward the end of the month when the full moon illuminates in your sign. You might even want to stay open to people from your past, or people you haven’t necessarily seen in a romantic light. The gist of this month? Expect the unexpected.

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Capricorn zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Capricorn, you’ve been working hard and crushing it lately. And now, this month is about enjoying yourself with the people you love. Put work aside as much as possible this May and really take time to enjoy your partner’s company. Slowing down will bring vibrancy back into your relationship and leave both of you more in love than ever. This is also a great time to tackle any at-home projects you’ve been putting off. (Um, hello, desk you’ve been meaning to build for months!) Cleaning up your home space and working on something together will help strengthen your bond even further.

Single: This month is about slowing down, Cap, which can be a bit of a challenge for you. But you’ve been working hard the last few months and it’s possible you’re feeling a bit burnt out, even when it comes to dating. When you allow yourself to truly rest, it’ll allow you to come back home to yourself and, in turn, attract more people and opportunities. Of course, self-care is pretty sexy, so don’t be surprised if you catch someone’s eye later this month. Enjoy some fun dates, Cap. You never know where things could lead!


Aquarius zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Home is your focus this month, Aquarius. So start looking at all those Pinterest boards you’ve curated over the years and get to work! You and bae are focused on making home as comfortable and functional as possible, and while it may not sound super sexy, working together will bring you closer together. Plus, your house will look better than ever by the month’s end. When the sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you’ll be ready to celebrate all you’ve accomplished with some fun date nights and time out with friends. You deserve it!

Single: You may feel like a bit of a homebody this month, and that’s totally fine. You’ve had a busy start to 2024, and this May, you’re slowing things down a bit and taking care of yourself and your space. Indulge in some fun DIY projects and general spring cleaning to clear your home (and, in turn, your mind). This alone time will help you think about what you’re looking for in your love life—which is perfect, because you’ll have a lot of opportunities for romance at the end of the month. Keep your eyes open for any cuties around the full moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd. The stars are aligned for a powerful connection, Aquarius!


Pisces zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Pisces, communication is important in any relationship, but especially yours this month. While keeping the peace can seem like the easiest option, it isn’t necessarily the healthiest path. Have any conversations you’ve been avoiding in early May to clear the way for fun times by the end of the month. Plan to hit up your local farmer’s market, or try other activities you both love to lighten the energy and truly enjoy each other’s company. The full moon in Sagittarius may bring out your ~deeper~ water sign tendencies. Don’t be afraid to lean into this, and learn more about your partner’s view of the world through some big conversations. May is an important month for the two of you, but luckily, you’ll leave feeling connected AF.

Single: Pisces, you’re feeling extra romantic this month. The stars are pointing to a possible love connection, and it may be closer than you think. If there’s a cutie you see on your commute to work, shoot your shot! You’ll never know what could happen if you don’t try at all. The full moon in Sagittarius will have you feeling introspective and craving deep conversations, so enjoy some late-night chats with your crush. Not only will this be fun and flirty, but it’s also a great way to see if your viewpoints align on important issues.

This article written by Jacqueline Tempera was originally published on Women’s Health.

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