Try This Spring Sizzler Outdoor Workout!

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Workouts

It’s almost summer – the weather is sunnier, the flowers are peeking and so are those abs… right?
Time to shake off those winter cobwebs with this spring sizzler outdoor workout from Adventure Boot Camp‘s head trainer, Wendy-Joy Timmes.

Spring Into Shape 

Get outside – to the park, your local school’s sports field, your back yard – and get in some Vitamin D at the same time: studies show those who workout outdoors get more D than others. This workout combines cardio with no-equipment-required strength moves to build muscle while shredding fat. Plus, it only takes eight simple moves to score a sizzling summer body. “Keep your core tight throughout this outdoor workout sequence – it’ll stabilise you and ensure you’re burning stubborn tummy fat,” says Timmes.
Repeat this outdoor workout circuit as many times as you can in half an hour, or do three sets of every move, with ten reps per set (excluding cardio, which you can do three rounds of). Pro tip: because it’s getting hotter, schedule these sessions early in the morning (Hello, sunshine!) or in the afternoon, when you can watch the sun set.

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