Womanizer Duo Bordeaux Review: “Every Woman Should Own This Toy”

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Sex & Love

The best part of experimenting with sex toys? When you reach a climax, right? Well, get this… The Womanizer Duo Bordeaux guarantees the most explosive orgasm in 30 seconds. True story! If you’re a sex toy novice, this cute gadget is a good (and very, very pleasurable) investment. In fact, every woman should own one…

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Here’s why you should have this cutie in your (secret) drawer

The Womanizer Duo Bordeaux has 12 modes of intense vibrations. Aaaaaaand the curved design and Pleasure Air technology doesn’t take sides – yup, it stimulates your G-spot and your clitoris. The Pleasure Air Tech is great for touch-free stimulation, blowing and sucking air directly onto the clitoral area – think delish nerve ending stimulation. And don’t fret: the toy doesn’t cause numbness or pain, just sheer pleasure… and did we mention multiple orgasms?

Womanizer Duo Bordeaux

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But that’s not all…

The toy has a dual motor control, so you can use it for two hours, no matter where you are. The Duo Bordeaux is also completely waterproof, so you can indulge in the bathtub after a long day at the office. One of the best things about the Duo Bordeaux is the smart silence tech – it reduces the noise level, so nobody will ever know what you’re up to. Wink.

Bonus: The Duo Bordeaux automatically shuts off when it’s not touching your body. Sex toys don’t really get better than this.

Go on, treat yourself. Get your paws on the Womanizer Duo Bordeaux for R3 775 at Matildas. You won’t regret it. Also… you deserve it.

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