Pick Your *PUMA* Fit For Fit Night Out 

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Style

Coachella, but make it fitness. That’s the vibe at Fit Night Out, the workout party that’s taking South Africa by storm. It’s a chance to sweat it out with your girlfriends, dance your heart out and let loose. 

And if you’re looking for the perfect outfit to own the night, you’ve come to the right place. Our WH editors have curated a selection of PUMA looks that are both stylish and functional. From crop tops and leggings to trainers and sports bras, we’ve got you covered. If you’re feeling the festival vibes, pop a tutu over your workout gear, or better yet, a jumpsuit! Let your unique flag fly.

Neon Fusion 

Get your groove on with Neon Fusion, featuring the freshest PUMA Fit collection. Rock a lime crop top, black leggings and white trainers for a striking and dynamic workout look. Don’t forget to snap a selfie in your Women’s Health t-shirt between sets!

PUMA PWRFrame TR 2 Shoes
PWRFrame TR 2 Shoes
PUMA Fit Mid Impact Training Bra
Fit Mid Impact Training Bra
PUMA Fit Eversculpt Colour Block Tights
Fit Eversculpt Colour Block Tights

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Electric Edge 

Modern, chic and screaming “I’m here to work out!” This white, purple and black ensemble keeps you fab for all seven workouts. Warm-up to cool-down, you’ve arrived, superstar!

PUMA Modern Sports Leggings 
Modern Sports Leggings 
PUMA Modern Sports Crop Top
PUMA Modern Sports Crop Top
PUMA Eversculpt Lilac Bra
PUMA Eversculpt Lilac Bra

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Pink Paradise

Get ready to embrace your Barbie era! Wear a pink top and tropical socks with plain black shorts or leggings for a night of pink glamour. You’ll feel inspired to say things like, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle!”

PUMA Pink Performance Tee
Pink Performance Tee
Duvin Crew Gold Socks
PWRFrame TR Shoes
PUMA PWRFrame TR Shoes

Accessories & Event-Day Essentials

Bra: Exercising without supporting your melons properly could stretch them up to 2cm during high-intensity workouts. Enter the high-impact bra. It’ll keep you secure during shuttle sprints and more. 

Hoodie: But don’t let the chill dampen your fun. Bring a hoodie or jacket for after 17h00, when the night chill begins to set in.

Extra bag: You totes need this bag for Fit Night Out. Store your towel, jacket, snacks, phone and water bottle.

High Impact Elite Training Bra
Essentials Black Hoodie
Better Tote Bag

Grab your tickets to the hottest workout party at Fit Night Out right here.

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