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by | Jul 21, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Come 5th August at Waterfall City, we’re going to shimmy, shake and bust down to the best trainers – and tunes – out there! Each and every trainer has been selected for their know-how, incredible vibe and unique take on fitness, which is what we’re all about. Here, the full list of your trainers for Fit Night Out

The Hot Girl Warm-Up With Jessica Nailor 

This warm-up will get you ready for a night of hot workouts. Warming us up is Jessica Naylor, celeb trainer, group exercise instructor and PUMA ambassador. “I’m looking forward to seeing so many gorgeous people move with meaning, using their bodies & having fun,” she says. Her approach to health and fitness? Enjoying workouts! “Make it fun and blast the music, live your life!” Naylor says.  

Step & Shape With Angelique Van Der Linde 

When it comes to making sure you’re staying in shape, Angelique has a go-and-get-it attitude. “Health & wellness is like brushing your teeth. Don’t overthink it. Just get it done,” she says. At her class, you can expect to crush calories while having a blast. “I promise to keep it super simple but to fill every moment with inspiration and fun!” she says. 

Power Pilates with The Movement Lab 

With pumping tunes that have you moving along rhythmically, The Movement Lab is all about the music and movement working together. “The Movement Lab adds a dynamic twist to traditional Pilates workouts,” explains Mandel. “We stick to the core Principles of Pilates – encouraging anatomical awareness, optimal alignment and core engagement, and add the pace and primal movements from functional fitness, synchronising it all to the beat of the best music.” Sounds like an absolute vibe to us! 

Supercharge Sweat with Planet Fitness 

This session is made exactly for group classes, using the vibe from the crowd as fuel to go harder. “When it comes to ‘classes for the masses’ The Supercharge Sweat class is perfect,” explains Ceri Hannan, head of product at Planet Fitness. “Doable choreography is the name of the game, set to music ranging from musical theatre to Michael Jackson!’” And this workout has pumped up the crowd the world over, from Iceland to India to Times Square.

Drool & Drench with Matthew Stone & Lucky Fadzi 

They’re dedicated, they’re strong and they never give up. These two have mastered what it means to be fit and functional through the ages. “I’m excited to see the people come out in numbers to have some healthy fun with FNO again for the first time since COVID-19,” says Fadzi. Stone is more than amped, too. “I’m excited to share my talent, energy and to put a smile on a lot of people’s faces, leaving them with a memory they will never forget at Fit Night Out,” he says. 

Jive & Vibe with Takkies 

Takkies came into our hearts when she joined the #WHNextFitStar competition in 2016. Her unique brand of self-love and dancing with joy cemented her place in the fitness space. She founded @RockingnHeels, where women come together to celebrate their bodies while grooving in heels – no easy feat. Even though she relocated to London, she still inspires us with dance classes. Come FNO, get ready to truly love on yourself as you dance the night away! 

The Cool-Down With Banesa Tseki from The Nest 

Yoga at the Nest is an invigorating and calming experience. And yoga has done a lot to help Tseki. “What makes my yoga practice so special is that it is both an incredible form of exercise and spirituality practice for me,” she says. “I get to  focus on the different parts of my mind, body and soul and small miracles happen– I get to forget the world for a moment and go within.” Sounds ah-mazing to us! 

Grab your tickets to the hottest workout party with these trainers at Fit Night Out right here.

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