This Trainer’s Home Booty Workout Is Just What We Need To Get Moving

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Workouts

Your booty was made for so much more than sitting on the couch. Did you know your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body? That means keeping them firm and toned doesn’t just look great in jeans, it also spikes your overall fat burn. What’s more, having strong, capable glutes will help you do pretty much everything better, from walking up stairs to running a faster 10-kay. This workout by trainer Angelique van der Linde will help you sculpt your booty and boost your mood. Sign. Us. Up.

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How It Works

The workout is divided into two stations, each comprising three strength moves and a cardio finisher. You’ll spend three rounds at each station. Do station 1 as a circuit, moving directly from one move to the next. Once you’ve done all three moves at station 1, end the round with the cardio kicker, then start at the top again. You’ll notice the number of reps decreases with each round. Once you’ve done all three rounds of station 1, move on to station 2, following the same pattern. Get ready to feel that booty burn!

You’ll need: Broom; 5l water bottle or large protein tub

Station 1

REPS: 15, 12, 10 CARDIO KICKER: 30 Mountain Climbers

1a Broom Squat

You can make this move more challenging by hanging weights off the ends of your broom, like identical water bottles. Just be sure to secure them properly!

1b Squat With Water Bottle Overhead

If 5 litres of water is too heavy, do down-downs with some of the water until your bottle reaches a comfortable weight. You know what we say in fitness: Hydration, hydration, hydration.

1c Plié Squat

You’ll need your water bottle for this one again. Make sure your feet are turned outwards and squeeze that booty!

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Station 2

REPS: 15, 12, 10 CARDIO KICKER: 30 Skips or Star Jumps

2a Broom Alternating Lunges

No need to power through these at pace. Move with control and focus on your body alignment. You’re aiming for a ninety degree angle as you sink into your lunge. Too shallow and you won’t reap the booty benefits; knee too far forward and you’ll put pressure on the joint.

 2b Single-leg Dead Lift

Keep toppling over? Tighten your tummy, squeeze your glutes and plant your standing leg. You should feel both butt cheeks switching on. This will help your balance and boost your burn as well!

2c Lateral Leg Raise

This will hit your booty from the sides to round out your results. If you experience knee pain or you struggle with squats, strengthening the muscles on your outer thighs might help.

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Booty-Building Tips

Want to up the ante? How you structure your workout can make a difference. For an extra burn, alternate between slow weighted sets and high-tempo body-weight sets. So you’ll do one set with weights, performing the number of reps indicated slowly and focusing on creating a strong mind-muscle connection. Then, on the next set,  drop the weights, up the tempo and increase the reps, doing as many as you can with good form.

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